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Phalgunanda Jayanti being observed

Published on: Aug 15, 2022

The 137th birthday of Phalgunanda Lingdel, who is venerated as the Mahaguru (great religious leader) by adherents of the Kirat religion, is being commemorated on 11th November, especially in several districts of Province 1.

In 2009, the then government designated Lingdel as a national hero. He is Nepal's 16th national luminary.

Mahaguru Phalgunanda is most known for his contributions to social reform.

Ethnic Kiratis in eastern Nepal celebrate Phalugananda Jayanti on 25th Kartik in the Nepali lunar calendar.

Pilgrims from Nepal and India throng in Panchthar to pay homage to the grave of Phalgunanda at Silauti.

Phalgunanda was born on November 10, 1885, in Chukchinamba of Ibhang-5 of Ilam district.

He was the third son of Hansamati Limbu and Jaganbaj Limbu. He died on April 4, 1949.

Published on The Himalayan, 11 Nov 2021